AMERICAN AQUARIUM & SONS OF BILL at Visulite Theatre on 11/24/2012




Visulite Theatre (16+ (Must have ID) - Under 16 with Parent Only)

Doors Open: 8:00 - Show Starts: 9:00








 Debuts at #14 on iTunes Rock Chart

Debuts at #49 on Billboard Heatseekers Chart


“This album undoubtedly represents a turning point in American Aquarium’s career and firmly places the band on the same ground as the giants of their genre. Burn. Flicker. Die. is one of the truest rock and roll records of the year.”




   “American Aquarium has caught lightning in a bottle with a collection of songs about burning through life.”

In the business of music, many are called and many may try, but few cross the threshold of being able to say they are truly committed for the long haul. With the release of their latest studio album, Burn.Flicker.Die. American Aquarium is proving that they have graduated to that class of professional musicians that have made an undeniable commitment to their music and their fans.

American Aquarium’s six years as a band have been a fast-moving blur of rubber on road, touring coast to coast through the states and Europe. Most nights of the year are spent far from their Raleigh homes, squinting out from bright stages at a growing legion of passionate fans who’ve followed them through the release of six albums that reflect a whirlwind of too many whiskey soaked nights, nameless women in smoky bars and fast living while your youth is in full bloom. But what happens when it all stops feeling good?

Burn.Flicker.Die. is what has emerged for this group of hard working players. After two years of writing, they journeyed to the legendary recording hub which gave birth to some of the greatest blues, country and rock records of all time: Muscle Shoals/Sheffield, AL. Recorded in eight days under the precise hand of friend/tour buddy Jason Isbell, the record is an aptly named milestone for the band, and their most painstaking effort to date. As a long-time Southern rock artisan, Isbell provided a weathered know-how in producing the record American Aquarium is proudest of. Described as a “consequence record” by vocalist BJ Barham, the band spent that week pushing out everything that’s been haunting them: working for six years, watching buzz bands peak and die, and pining for their own payoff.


Bill Wilson is from central Virginia. He is a professor of philisophical theology, a songwriter, an expert on the southern agrarian movement, and a father of six. His three eldest sons returned to Virginia to start a rock band in 2006 with long-time musical compadres Seth Green and Todd Wellons. As a tribute to the man who taught them how to play guitar, write songs, drive a stick-shift, and back up a trailer, the band decided to name themselves Sons of Bill.

With two independently released albums, and a live show known to evolve from acoustic ballads into sweaty stage dives, the Sons of Bill are quickly establishing themselves as one of the hardest working and most promising rock bands in America.