JASON SCAVONE at Visulite Theatre on 08/18/2017




Visulite Theatre (16+ (Must have ID) - Under 16 with Parent Only)

Doors Open: 8:00 - Show Starts: 9:00

After nearly a decade with Charlotte's The Noises 10, the former frontman took some time away from performing, and spent the years that followed honing his skills as a producer and audio engineer in studios around the country. With 4 albums under his belt as the The Noises 10's chief writer, a brief stint in Detroit, MI where he penned the material for The Hot Gates album Ride It Out, and years of experience producing other artists, Scavone decided to shift away from the band experience to write and arrange a record on his own. "Classic Pop" is how Jason Scavone classifies the sound on his solo debut, Find Today. The EP, which was produced by Scavone and Joe Pisapia (Ben Folds, KD Lang, Guster) in Charlotte, and Nashville, TN shows a more cultivated and sentient side to his writing than we have heard before. Live Jason Scavone is joined by Charlotte musicians Matt Branniff, Jonathan Erickson, Peter Gray, and Stacey Leazer.




Brit is a recording artist and singer-songwriter based in Charlotte, NC.  She has been writing music for over 15 years and has performed live all over the US with her original material and as a lead singer in a band called The Prices. She continues to write as life and stories inspire her, never ceasing to quiet her voice.  Influenced by Brandi Carlile, Ingrid Michaelson, and Coldplay, Brit brings a soulful voice and poetic lyrics to her listeners.  Her sound has been likened to KT Tunstall, Regina Spektor and Norah Jones.  After a brief hiatus from performing, Brit returns to the music world with her album Let Me Hang the Moon and continues her pursuit with the hopes to grow as an artist and to create songs that will inspire people.



Start Time: 9:00

In art there are basic, or primary colours; blending them in varying degrees is what produces those other way more intriguing colours. By mixing various amounts of Fleet Foxes, Bright Eyes, St. Vincent, and Radiohead NC musicians Albert Strawn and Derrick J. Hines present their own new shades in their debut album, "Bless These Sounds Under The City", and the follow up, "On The Brink Of Life".
After a mutual friend in Charlotte, NC insisted they meet, Albert Strawn and Derrick J. Hines began a slow collaborative effort that resulted in this diverse collection of genre-melding music. BTSUTC makes music that soundtracks a modern life: varied and layered familiar and challenging. From sweet indie folk to laid back electro pop (and, more recently, a touch of alternative hip hop) these lads have it covered with both hands- and that is exactly how it’s presented in their live shows, as Hines and Strawn perform multiple tasks/roles, often simultaneously. 

With equal parts delicate and daring, this Charlotte duo have dropped a sparkling debut Creative Loafing called “…the kind of album that stays on heavy rotation…Finely crafted in every sense- musically lyrically, sonically”- in short, this is a band to watch.