MOUTH SOUNDS - ALBUM RELEASE at Visulite Theatre on 09/21/2017




Visulite Theatre (16+ (Must have ID) - Under 16 with Parent Only)

Doors Open: 8:00 - Show Starts: 9:00

Tickets Still Available at Door


“Don’t get carried away with the words on the page, they’re just words anyway,” asserts Daniel Howie on ‘In The Night,’ the first single from his new project Mouth Sounds.  Howie, former front-man of Charlotte, NC’s revered alternative rock band Sugar Glyder, transitions effortlessly into indie-pop territory on the projects debut album Sing or Swim.

In the early 2010’s Sugar Glyder transcended to national success with an appearance at SXSW, tours with Paper Route and The Almost, and high-profile opening slots for artists such as Neon Trees, Silversun Pickups, and Manchester Orchestra to name a few. In addition to national attention, the band is also often credited for defining the local music scene in their hometown of Charlotte, NC during the heavy alt rock era that dominated most of the late naughts.  

Lyrically, the album retains Howie’s signature cryptic messaging while knee-deep in his trademark metaphors and imagery. The beats are complex and challenging but a partnership with drummer-producer Mark Eckert brings everything to a politely packaged final form. It is within this stark juxtaposition that Mouth Sounds finds it’s identity. First time listeners are greeted by polished indie-pop gems, but those who choose to dive deeper will uncover the pull towards chaos and leave wondering if the band is really in control at all. This uncertainty reflects the projects genuine appeal. Where other rock-to-pop transitions feel like complacent appeals to relevancy, Howie is still digging, exploring, and ultimately, still having fun.



Human Resources is a new-wave dance rock band from Charleston, South Carolina. The band utilizes a contemporary approach to writing and producing its music, incorporating new tones and technologies to create accessible songs that are deeply engrained with dance and heavy groove sensibilities.

As the flagship project of Charleston based record label, Coast Records, the individual members of H? frequently lend their services, both as producers and session players, to a wide variety of musical acts in the area, an effort that has resulted in a comprehensive understanding of both the conceptualization and execution of a complete musical product. While the sound is instantly accessible, the band’s emphasis on layered, textural grooves allows listeners the opportunity to find new moments of excitement within each experience.

Human Resources’ live shows further reflect the band’s eye for concise and professional production. In addition to varying set lists, song manipulation, and intricate segues, each show also contains unique lighting and visual elements.


Start Time: 9:00