THE MYSTICS' BALL - MASQUERADE at Visulite Theatre on 09/01/2017




Visulite Theatre (21 + )

Doors Open: 9:00 - Show Starts: 9:00

Tickets Still Available at Door

Since the beginning of time, secret societies have existed to seek power, enlightenment and hidden knowledge. Take a step into the surreal and leave your inhibitions at the door, as we transport you to a world of bizarre sensual acts and taboo earthly pleasures. Welcome to our circle!

Mandyland Presents. . . 
~ The Mystics' Ball ~ Masquerade ~

This is a costumed ball. Formal, fantasy, carnival, goth, fetish, or traditional/folk guises are encouraged. Fancy lingerie is perfectly fine, as long as your naughty bits are covered. 
Business wear is acceptable, athletic wear is not. 
If in doubt, wear black. 
MASKS ARE REQUIRED until midnight.
If you do not bring a mask, you may purchase one at the door. Proceeds will be donated to local charity.

We enjoy the company of diversity. LGBTQ, Straights, Swingers, Kinksters, Rennies, and Cosplayers of all shape, size, race, and creed are welcome!

Entertainment lineup TBA. . . 

~This event is LGBTQ+, Kink, Drag, Swing, and Swirl Friendly!~