THE SLACKERS at Visulite Theatre on 02/06/2014




Visulite Theatre (16+ (Must have ID) - Under 16 with Parent Only)

Doors Open: 8:00 - Show Starts: 8:45

  * Marcus Geard – Bass * David Hillyard – Sax * Vic Ruggiero – Lead Vocals, Organ

* Glen Pine – Trombone, Vocals * Jay Nugent – Guitar * Ara Babajian - Drums

“The Slackers are part of an imaginary universe. It wasn't their fault, well not completely. The caterpillar told them not to eat the mushroom on the right. But they did and for 15 yrs now they've had to play Imaginary-Jamaican-Rock-and-Roll, and try to explain that to everyone who passes. One asks,"Are you a reggae band?...where are your dreadlocks then?" Another says,"YOU DONT SOUND LIKE PUNK-ROCK WITH HORNS AT ALL!!" One elderly gent says,"Why it sounds like a lot of music I used to like, but I don't think any of you boys look addicted to HEROIN!" Doomed to try and explain themselves to a world full of hungry club-promoters, style-police, genre-slaves and the generally confused, they wrote bio upon bio, hoping to snag someone...ANYONE!...who might is attempt #6,364…” - Vic Ruggiero, The Slackers

The Slackers sound is Jamaican rock n roll. While they have been influenced, and even personally taught by Jamaican ska/reggae originators, like the Skatalites and the Upsetters (Original backing band for the Wailers), the band sees its music through an American lens. This band is equally appreciative of old blues, 60s soul, rock, and Rnb as it is of reggae, rocksteady, dub, and Ska. It is as if the Rolling Stones or the Yardbirds had grown up on Bob Marley as well as Muddy Waters. From their 1996 release, Better Late Than Never through to 2008 with Self Medication, the NYC-based band, the Slackers have established themselves as America's premiere interpreters and innovators of Jamaican music and a pretty good rock band to boot.

Self Medication, their latest release (2008), brings this unifying eclecticism to a new level. "Everyday is Sunday" evokes equally Joe Gibbs-era reggae and the Kinks. "Don't you want a man" has a loping groove somewhere between Bob Marley and the Meters. "Stars" is pure unabashed Beatlemania while "Don't Have To" evokes Elvis and Rockabilly. As the band matures you can't tell anymore where the reggae ends and the rock begin. It's become the Slackers.

Their previous major release, Peculiar (2006), was an artistic triumph. called it "the best American ska record to appear in a long, long while (well, at least since the Slackers last one)." Alternative nation described it as "protest music made for dim, sweaty basements, The Slackers would sound at home supporting Rancid as well as some grizzled New Orleans electric blues trio." As the prescient reviewer predicted they actually finished up 2006 opening for Rancid for a multi night run in San Francisco!

The Slackers are based out of New York City. The band began rehearsing on the lower east side around 1991 and played every local bar, squat, or loft that would have them. Working in a dingy rat infested basement on E. 3rd street the band came up with its trademark sound somewhere around 1994.

In addition to Peculiar and Self Medication, the Slackers have released 13 other cds. Their first was Better Late Than Never (1996), featured a raw, direct vibe that The New York Times was quick to declare is "The Sound of New York."
Upon signing with Tim Armstrong's, Hellcat Records, in 1997, the band released Red Light, which saw them evolving into a smoother, more melancholy and soulful unit. They have followed up Red light with 5 more releases on Hellcat. 1998's, the Question, was proclaimed to be "the new Exile on Main Street." Wasted Days from 2001 was praised by Maxim and the Village Voice and reached #8 on the sales charts. Close My Eyes from 2003 was praised by the Kerrang!,BBC, Pulse , and the LA Weekly which said, "it captures their unfettered energy, unerring skankability, and playful anger to a tee!" Currently, the band is not signed to Hellcat (since 2006) but is considering an offer to come back for a new cd.



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