STOKESWOOD & GHOST OWL at Visulite Theatre on 03/26/2015




Visulite Theatre (16+ (Must have ID) - Under 16 with Parent Only)

Doors Open: 7:30 - Show Starts: 9:30

Tickets Still Available at Door

Voted "Best Local Rock Act" by Atlanta's Creative Loafing in 2013 and 2014, Stokeswood is a marvel to watch, as they switch between instruments, giving up their spot on keys, synths and guitar like a game of musical chairs, all the while keeping up an irresistible, danceable backbone to the imaginative melodies and powerhouse, gut-wrenching vocals of Adam Patterson. The band undeniably owns the room with their unique unpredictable sound, expressive beats and high-energy presence. Their songs are infused with confidence in a sound that can only really be called Stokeswood.

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Start Time: 9:30

In 2009 the sounds that would become the music of Ghost Owl first began to take shape inside the bedroom studio of bassist Adam Perry under the guise of a pet project he entitled Elephant Zaio Sunrise. At the time, Adam was in a decade-long musical partnership with a successful and full-time nationally-touring band. But as the sun began to set on his former band, Sunrise came into focus. 

By 2013 the vignettes had become songs, and there was a new direction that was fusing many modern influences into the material. There were signs of epic post-rock, experimental indie rock, and uplifting electro-pop. It was psychedelic, anthemic, atmospheric and simultaneously dance floor ready. Adam then enlisted the help of two former bandmates, Matt McDonald and Albert Suttle. Together they crafted a technology-driven live show that integrated live visual projections and multi-layered sonics into a mind-bending and emotive musical experience. They named it Ghost Owl. 

But this was just a warm-up. In the summer, they started work on composing a full length album; and by the fall had entered the studio with producer Newton Carter and engineer Richard Salino in Athens, Georgia. The raw power of the material was then distilled into something even more potent. The song-craft came to the foreground; and during the bitter cold winter of 2013-14, the record and the band found their voice. The result is Say Goodbye to Finland. An astonishing debut album that conveys both a sense of loss and of hopeful renewal. This is how Ghost Owl begins... 

"Concise arrangements and futuristic soundscapes reminiscent of the best British progressives and innovators, from Pink Floyd to Doves to Radiohead and beyond..." Ryan Sambrook - Culture Room 

"Ghost Owl is a band for the 21st century, resplendent with synthesizers, speakers, & pitch perfect samples. The result is a tapestry of shimmering electronics mixed with heavy, well- realized beats; a heady conversation that blows listeners off their feet before pulling them back up onto the dance floor" Colby Newton - Red & Black 

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