DOROTHY at Visulite Theatre on 01/17/2018




Visulite Theatre (16+ (Must have ID) - Under 16 with Parent Only)

Doors Open: 7:00 - Show Starts: 8:00

Tickets: $17.50 (Advance) / $20.00 (Day of Show)

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“This guy was telling me all this stuff that no one else could possibly know,” says Dorothy Martin, the singer and namesake of Los Angeles band Dorothy. “The theme from The Twilight Zone was playing in my head. It was a ritual cleaning, where this medicine man from Guadalajara spit all over me and blew smoke in my face. It was crazy. Then, we went and climbed a pyramid. When we got to the top there were all these butterflies everywhere. It felt like a dream. But, the weirdest part is that I had written the song before this happened.”

As Dorothy Martin talks about her favorite song (“Medicine Man”) from her band’s debut on Jay-Z’s Roc Nation label, you begin to realize the precise reason why her music is so bewitching.

No, it’s not because she might be more of a shaman than that mystic she met in Mexico City. It’s because despite drawing from a familiar musical tradition—they are a rock band after all—Dorothy’s music is rendered anew by this front-woman’s singular vision. All of it is channeled through her. There is no one quite like her. So it follows, there has been nothing quite like this band before now.

“We’re not trying to fit into a box. We’re not trying to write songs we think should be on the radio,” Martin says. “We just want to write good music. For me, the challenge is to be as honest as possible. I cannot live my life as a lie, at all. Every day, I wake up and think, ‘What can I learn today and how can I give something back?’ This is not selfishly motivated. The picture is bigger than me. It has nothing to do with me. It has to do with everybody. How is this going to make me better, other people better, the world better? If you don’t have that, then why even do it?”

Even her contradictions make sense. She is filled with humility, yet wants to change the world. She has managed to tame any trace of an ego, yet knows instinctively she has something. In conversation, she pauses thoughtfully and expresses gratitude. On stage, she’s intimidating and maybe a little scary, but the possibility of danger that lurks inside of her music is what makes you move a little closer. It’s curiosity. You can’t take your eyes off her. But, she is the first to remind you that Dorothy might be her name, but Dorothy is a band. It is both her and not her.

Martin is adamant about Dorothy being a group effort, but she no longer has to make that plea once you’ve heard the songs. The music they make is undeniably the sound of five, a muscular rhythm section elevated by the melodic counterpoint of guitar and vocals, all woven together into something not exactly rock, or blues, or punk, or even a combination of all three. Dorothy is its own invention, built upon familiar foundations, but sounding only like itself. Take “Raise Hell,” a song that shuffles along with nothing less than the blues-rock audacity of a lost Led Zeppelin track. The first verse arrives and Martin upends the whole affair, floating high above the floor-stomp kick drum and slide guitar, conducting this sinister orchestra without a baton, but the singular force of her incomparable voice. Go ahead and make your comparisons, you are not wrong. This is music that belongs on the historical timeline that runs from Black Sabbath up to Rid of Me-era PJ Harvey and right through recent bands like the Dead Weather. But this is Dorothy—next on that list, written in bold, not hiding inside an overcrowded timeline.

The momentum of Dorothy’s rise speaks for itself. Just as Martin describes the formation of the band as something akin to fate, Dorothy’s recent tour in support of Miguel, Rolling Stone putting them high on their list of new bands to know, Levi’s grabbing the track “Wicked Ones” for an international campaign, and the band’s self-made clip for “After Midnight” captivating none other than the decision-makers at Jay-Z’s Roc Nation to sign the band to a label not usually interested in rock bands—Dorothy’s ascent is as transcendent as that pyramid in Mexico City adorned with the flapping wings of magic butterflies. In other words, you can’t really explain it, so step aside or join in. Either way, this thing, this Dorothy, it’s coming right at you.

“I’m just glad that they welcomed us and saw something special,” Martin says of signing to Roc Nation, while pondering the band’s future on the eve of their debut. “I try not to have any expectations. I’m always pushing us to be better. I’m my own toughest critic and I think this record is great. We’ll just have to wait and see what the world thinks.”


Start Time: 8:00

LeAnna Eden is a singer/songwriter who was raised in Milwaukee, WI. A self- taught guitarist, she has been growing her brand and is excited to present her latest creation: LeAnna Eden & The Garden Of, which allows her to dig deeper into her musical talents to give her audience a livelier experience. LeAnna Eden & The Garden Of creates original music that is a unique blend of Pop and Rock, with an eclectic mix of Punk and Neo Soul flavors to give a style of its own. LeAnna Eden & The Garden Of is the new wave of Alternative Soul that the world has been waiting for.

Having formed the band in early 2016, LeAnna Eden & The Garden Of (LETGO) has been a whirlwind force through out the music scene in Charlotte, NC. According to the Full Cover Story written by Mark Kemp, Senior Editor of Creative Loafing, “Will 2017 be LeAnna Eden’s Breakthrough Year?” only time will tell, but it has started on a level matched by no other artist in the Charlotte Market. Whether opening for major bands & musicians such as Emily King, Black Joe Lewis; or headlining Visulite Theatre; or organizing the FIRST Black Alternative Music Festival there has been no stopping LeAnna Eden in 2017.

LeAnna Eden & The Garden Of’s EP release and digital publishing now gives fans outside of the Charlotte, NC a way to connect with the band. The self-titled EP can be found on all major digital sites such as Spotify, Itunes and TIDAL.??

“It's impossible to gauge how much impact Eden will make on the Charlotte music scene in 2017,

but our prediction is that it will be felt far and wide.”
Mark Kemp, Editor Creative Loafing?

"Whether strumming solo or playing with her supple, genre-jumping band The Garden Of, singer-songwriter LeAnna Eden is a force to be reckoned with. The self taught guitarist weaves her spell with a grab bag of influences ranging from neo-soul to alt-rock, coupling the fierce intelligence of Ani DiFranco with the soulful swing of Joan Armatrading. But what really puts this young artist over are her songs. From the uplifting and defiant "Protest Song" to the whirlpooling and aspirational "If There's Nothing More," Eden's alluring and deceptively smooth tunes connect with the sharp bite of truth."