JASON SCAVONE at Visulite Theatre on 06/01/2018




Visulite Theatre (16+ (Must have ID) - Under 16 with Parent Only)

Doors Open: 7:00 - Show Starts: 8:00

Tickets Still Available at Door


After nearly a decade with Charlotte's The Noises 10, the former frontman took some time away from performing, and spent the years that followed honing his skills as a producer and audio engineer in studios around the country. With 4 albums under his belt as the The Noises 10's chief writer, a brief stint in Detroit, MI where he penned the material for The Hot Gates album Ride It Out, and years of experience producing other artists, Scavone decided to shift away from the band experience to write and arrange a record on his own. "Classic Pop" is how Jason Scavone classifies the sound on his solo debut, Find Today. The EP, which was produced by Scavone and Joe Pisapia (Ben Folds, KD Lang, Guster) in Charlotte, and Nashville, TN shows a more cultivated and sentient side to his writing than we have heard before. Live Jason Scavone is joined by Charlotte musicians Matt Branniff, Jonathan Erickson, Peter Gray, and Stacey Leazer.




Brit Drozda is an accomplished Folk-Rock, singer-songwriter and recording artist based in Charlotte, N.C.  For more than 15 years she's been writing music and performed live all over the U.S. with original material and as a lead singer in a Pop Rock band called "The Prices".  Influenced by female singer-songwriters like Brandi Carlile, Adele, Sia, Patty Griffin, and Norah Jones, Brit brings a soulful voice and poetic lyrics to her listeners.  After a brief hiatus from performing, Brit returned to the music scene in 2016 with her album Let Me Hang the Moon- a passion project that sparked the flame to Brit’s professional pursuit as an indie artist.

In March 2018, Brit brought us her latest five-track EP, You Can’t Take It With You When You Go.  This collection of songs presents catchy, upbeat, rock anthems accompanied by dreamy ballads with nods to folk and country through strings and slide guitar.  In these songs, Brit finds a powerful, uplifting voice.  Her title track offers reminders to hold on to the important treasures in life that aren’t necessarily “things” but the people and the emotions that connect us to one another.   On this EP, Brit’s voice shines with a depth and intensity that demonstrates the growth of an inspired songwriter and seasoned performer.  Through You Can’t Take it With You When You Go and her continued motivation to write and record music, Brit journeys on and encourages her listeners to join her wherever life’s inspiration may lead.



Start Time: 8:00

Sparkman singer/songwriter from Charlotte, North Carolina has been crafting his sound since he began playing guitar at 13. His acoustic guitar-based sounds have elements of alternative, pop & folk with influences from Dave Matthews, The Black Keys, to John Mayer. His melodies and lyrics flow and capture everyday themes and experiences in a way that we can all relate to. Sparkman's songs have a unique way of getting stuck in your head.