DIAMONDS AND WHISKEY at Visulite Theatre on 06/02/2018




Visulite Theatre (16+ (Must have ID) - Under 16 with Parent Only)

Doors Open: 7:00 - Show Starts: 8:00

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Where the swamps of Louisiana meet the hills of North Carolina, a new sound emerges.

Diamonds and Whiskey have their mail sent to Charlotte, North Carolina as they black snake moan all over the country, stomping and storming a sweet strong molasses of what they call their "Dark Country Voodoo." For them, it's tour, tour, tour!

Made up of Von Bury's finely chopped and grinding guitar riffs, and deliciously glazed and fired up by singer Jenny Webb's swamp-siren vocals, their pine and swagger is anchored and swung by drummer Christopher McKinney's beats and brushes.

Dark Country Voodoo is also the name of their debut, and its combination of barroom beauty and backwoods danger is a potent blend of the previous groups the front duo did time in: For Jenny, Henry River Honey, and for Von Bury, Lovesucker, Red All Over, and Chelsea Daggers.  Christopher was in The Coming Dawn, and Blue Static, among others. Charlotte duo Diamonds and Whiskey is introducing Dark Country Voodoo to the world.
For the album Dark Country Voodoo, they hooked up with Seattle music maven Graig Markel (the Animals at Night, Dead Ship Sailing), a multi-genre producer and engineer with incredibly spontaneous and creative instincts for covering sounds, especially roots music. Von Bury says, "He's world class, pays attention to all the details, literally fills in all the blanks. All the slide work and acoustic guitar work is Graig."

For further description of the Diamonds and Whiskey alchemy, Von Bury offers up handles "Classic alt-country, swampy New Orleans-rooted rock with an indie sensibility." "It's a true-blood kind of sound," Jenny says. They tap into the red, red blood of American music, touching base with everything intoxicating and heart-palpitating from The Zac Brown Band, The Black Angels, Allison Kraus, Tanya Tucker, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Darius Rucker, to Garth Brooks.

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Start Time: 8:00

Caroline Keller was born on April 23, 1989, right in the heart of Charlotte, North Carolina. A southern girl with a spirit as fiery as her red hair, Caroline grew up in a family that valued God and the gifts He grants to all of us. For Caroline, that gift came in the form of a voice. She began to pursue her dream of becoming a singer at a very early age and made a name for herself as a Christian Country singer, recording the album “Queen of the Highway” when she was just 16 years old. Drawing inspiration from her own experiences, she topped the Christian Country charts, with four songs ranked in the top ten.

Now, after years of training, hard work, and the artistry that comes not only from seeing life but from living it, Caroline uses her God-given gift and pursues her talents every day. She sings at Five Stone’s worship services each Sunday and remains very active within her church community. “I love my church,” she says. “I love it for the people, the message, for all of it.” But her work extends outside of that community as well.

She wants to inspire. The music moves her, and she’s a songwriter who understands that the hard parts of life — the parts that stick with you — can’t always be expressed with simple words. Sometimes, you have to put those words into a song.

With the support of her family and friends, and in special memory of her father, Dick Keller, Caroline continues to dream, to write, and to share her voice with the world. We hope you’ll have a look around, listen to the music, and share your thoughts. May God bless you.

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