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Visulite Theatre (16+ (Must have ID) - Under 16 with Parent Only)

Doors Open: 7:00 - Show Starts: 8:00

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SOLIS makes beautifully experimental electronic pop music. Based out of Charlotte, N.C., the wife and husband duo pushes sonic boundaries that blend the electric vocal performance of songwriter Kellie Solis with Leonardo Solis' intelligently lush production. The result is resonating, spacious pop that is both immediately captivating even while it rewards multiple close listens. 

“Charlotte-based duo SOLIS are an electrifying sound to behold, crafting beautifully mellow pop melodies that stretch into infinity while still creating a sense of intimacy for the listener.”
– NPR Music contributor Joni Deutsch


The Wormholes are Ben Verner (artist, lead vocalist and multi-instrumentalist) and Chris Walters (producer, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist).  They write, record, and produce all of their music together from a bedroom studio in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Their sound blurs the lines between art-pop, post-rock, and neo-psychedelia.

“Light in the Dark” is the duo’s second full-length release.  The album is a journey through an atmospheric dreamscape, navigating the mysteries of the heart, the wild unknowns of human emotion. Vocal effects harken the sound of consciousness, as if speaking to the listener from deep inside their own mind, from a deep, cavernous, rarely-touched place within.

The whole album is an exploration in dichotomies - the hard and the soft, the steady and the chaotic, both in its instrumentation and in its lyricism. Like the vulnerable emotional experiences it narrates, the album is multidimensional, layered, and textured, blending the light and the dark, the hard and the soft, the steady and the chaotic, expressing a full and complex range of truths.

In between producing and recording two self-released full-length albums and two EP’s, the duo has solidified a reputation for replicating their unique sound with an unforgettable live performance…one that produces a wall of sound unexpected from only two humans. Numerous tours have led them up and down the east coast, armed with an extensive sonic weaponry of lush harmonies, layered synths, fuzzy guitar, and intricate percussive rhythms.

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Start Time: 8:00

Indie pop/rock band based in Charlotte, NC. Madison Lucas, Harry Kollm, Phil Pucci and Charlie Weeks.

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